How to use Musalit

Use the search interface to find the references you are looking for. From the search page results, you will be able to further refine your search, save the results of a search and generate a bibliography.

To go back to the search interface from the search results page, use the New search or Modify search buttons. Do not use the Back button of your browser.

Searching for references

Title and Abstract

You can use a word or string of words to search in the title and abstract fields. All the words have to be present in the title or abstract (although not necessarily in the same order) and spelled the same. Spelling variants will not be recognized.

Author, Journal title, Keywords, Publisher and Meeting

All those fields are autocomplete (typing in a word will generate a list of possibilities to select from). If you don’t know the initials of the author or the exact spelling of the name you’re looking for, you can use the symbol % to generate all the possibilities, e.g. %cruz% to include all the De La and Dela or %gome% to generate all the Gomez and Gomes.

These fields can also be filled using their respective A-Z list.

The Author and Keyword fields also offer the possibility of searching on more than one author or keyword by clicking on Add. The results will include only the references that have all the authors or keywords in question.

Refining a search

The search interface makes it possible to refine the results of a search by language, author, year or type of document, to name only a few. Note that when there are many possibilities, only the top 40 are displayed. The peer-reviewed articles are those that were published in a journal on the Thomson Reuters master list.

Using the saved search option

From the search results page, it is possible to save the results of a search by following the link after if you want to save this search to obtain an URL. You can use the URL to bookmark the search results in your browser or to call them from a web page. The results will be automatically updated with all the new records that match your search criteria.

Generating a bibliography

It is possible to produce a bibliography using the shopping cart icon visible on each record. Clicking on it will add the record to My selection. When you have finished your selection, go to the My selection tab and follow the instructions to export the records in citation format or in bibtext. Each record also has a Cite this article button for individual citations.